Round 1 at Daytona is in the books!

Marwan Moftah is the first winner of the Gen-4 regulations, after Joshua Chance Mertz strangely veered into Connor Parise on the start and took them both off the road. Parise miraculously clawed his way back to second, but the American was thrown to eighth after failing to take two jokers. A chaotic race in Daytona after we had the biggest field in recent memory. Points are the same as the results.

1.) Marwan Moftah
2.) Jacob Harberts
3.) Ray Kingsbury
4.) Philip Kraus
5.) Cody Erdmann
6.) Dylan Livengood
7.) Joshua Chance Mertz
8.) Connor Parise
9.) Matt Kingsbury
10.) Douglas DeNise
11.) Chris Wetz
12.) Tim Rengers

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