LOUDON, NH — The first gymkhana round of the season took place at a cold New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon, NH on Tuesday. It was predicted that the Ford and VW would be quick on the twisty bits of the circuit, while the Subaru would be quickest on the oval, but this was disproven as five time champion Joshua Chance Mertz won his thirty seventh race in NASA RallyCross competition. Contact was aplenty in the heats and final, as fellow Subaru driver Ethan Lane made contact with Mertz in the heat race and also made contact with Matt Kingsbury in the final. The other Kingsbury, Ray, crashed with Dylan Livengood on the start of the lcq and missed his second final in a row. As a result of Marwan Moftah suddenly leaving the NASA RallyCross Challenge, Mertz moves to the points lead by 18 over Ray Kingsbury, if Moftah does not return. The series tackles asphalt once more next week in Lakeville, CT at Lime Rock Park.

1.) Josh Mertz

2.) Chad Simpson

3.) Chris Wetz

4.) Jacob Harberts

5.) Ethan Lane

6.) Matt Kingsbury

7.) John Virga

8.) Dylan Livengood

9.) Brandon Nicholson

10.) Ray Kingsbury

PROV.) Philip Kraus

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